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Our refined model for aloha makes us standout in both the driver and rider’s region.

Aloha Driver Takes it All.

Aloha promises to drive you towards a better living. Thence, drivers who enter the Aloha family take all the ride money back home.

Ride In Style With Aloha

Get great and affordable rides right at your doorsteps. We take pride in being the best when it comes to driving you safely to your destination.

Easy On The Wallet, High On Comfort.

No to surge. Yes, that’s our pledge! Get affordable rides on the go with Aloha. All you gotta do is book and relax!

Why Aloha?

Once an Aloha rider, always an Aloha rider! We assure you that you’ll love the rides and the price you’ll pay for it!
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Cheaper Rides

Cheap cannot come anymore cheaper. We provide the least price yet quality cab service for all our Aloha passengers.

No Commision From Drivers

We take zero commission from drivers because we value your commitment to Aloha.

No Surge Ever

With Aloha you can always sit back and enjoy the ride. We assign rides in a blink!

Add Driver as Favourite

Had a comfortable ride with our cab rider? Now you can add them to your favorites. Next time we’ll prioritize the driver list for you.